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The prayer support of a sending church is the force behind every sent missionary.

The kingdom of God is near. A church that is concerned for the gospel sends missionaries into the field.
But a church that recognizes the urgency of the gospel prays for its missionaries on the field,
while praying more go out to bring the message of the kingdom into the world.

Green Leaves


Every 3rd Sunday | 1:00 - 3:00pm 

Join us in praying for the missionaries of Bartley and hear LIVE stories on the happenings in the field.

Global Watch Prayer Meetings will be held onsite & online.

TCK Prayer Group
Every Wednesday via What'sApp

Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are the children of our Harvestfield workers.  They may be overseas in the field or back in their passport countries. This group dedicates some time each week to pray for the well-being, growth, struggles, and joys of these kids who have grown up under unique circumstances. 
To learn more about TCKs, click here. And to join the prayer group, click here.

Mien Prayer Group
Every 1st Monday of the month via Zoom

The Mien Prayer Group began in 2000 to cover our fieldworker, Nellie, and her work among the Mien in Thailand.  Throughout the years, this group of faithful friends and supporters have stayed the test of time and continue to dedicate every 1st Monday of the month to gather and intercede for the various ministries and people that Nellie is involved with. To join the prayer group, click here.

Join a Prayer Group
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