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Jane Bibal
Missions Personnel Code: "JAB"


Involvement: Church planting, community outreach, and education


Organization: Care Channels International (CCI)


Serving in: Philippines

A Filipina, Jane joined Bartley in 2005 when she came to Singapore to support her family through work. While at Bartley, Jane felt the Lord calling her to serve among her own people in her homeland through a sermon by William Lee. Isaiah 6:8 spoke to Jane’s heart, and she surrendered her life to the service of the Lord.

For the next 8 years, as Jane continued to work in Singapore, she began to volunteer at Bartley’s Filipino Ministry. She was happy to serve and could feel God’s presence when she did so. In time, the Lord honoured her prayer to become a full-time missionary.

In 2013, she returned to the Philippines, where she initially served with International Teams Philippines. Jane joined Care Channels International (CCI) in 2014, and she is involved in reaching out to areas around Manila that have experienced disasters (e.g., dumpsites, floods, fire). CCI provides medical and dental relief as their first line of service to the community. This in turn opens up opportunities to do outreach and share the gospel. 

In 2021, CCI sent her to Mindanao, where she is involved with the livelihood of pigs, chickens, and corn dispersal, community development, and empowerment. Additionally, she reaches out to the nearby schools and communities, such as public schools, daycare centres, and communities. She commented, 'I enjoy working here, where I'm happy to see the lives of people changed by Jesus.'

Jane is open should the Lord call her to another country, but she is very thankful to God for her current role and sees it as an opportunity for growing and developing her character. Jane is grateful for the support of Bartley Christian Church, and the Lord’s faithfulness is seen in leading her to this community all those years ago.

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