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Emily Chew
Missions Personnel Code: "EMC"


Involvement: Support in System Implementation


Organization: OM International


Serving in: Singapore

I came to know the Lord when my neighbour brought me to attend a Catholic church in my teens. My parents are Taoists, and my mother was very much against me going to church. She said that I could only have my religious freedom after my marriage. I had no choice but to obey her. I got married at the age of 24, started my family fast, and had two beautiful children and a good career. Life was good, but somehow, I felt a void in my spirit. I did not understand why, so one night I got up from my sleep and prayed, “Lord Jesus, tell me why I feel empty, although I have everything in life.” There was no clear answer from God, but He put a desire in my heart to attend church. So my husband and I decided to look for a church to attend, and we settled down at Paya Lebar Methodist Church. All of us were baptised in PLMC. We moved to How Sun Walk in 1997 and decided to transfer our membership form PLMC to Bartley Christian Church in 2015 when our children have grown up and found their own churches,


Bartley is a missional church, and I always have a desire to serve in mission. When I retired after 30 years, I told myself I wanted to store my treasures in heaven instead of on earth. So I said this prayer: “God, I want to serve you as Lord and Master of my life. I want to be involved in kingdom work on earth. You are my Potter, and I am your clay. Take me. Mould me, use me, fill me, and send me. Help me to fill my time meaningfully during this season of my life to glorify you. I will wait upon you, Lord, to send me, and I will not move on my own. In Jesus Christ's precious name, I pray, amen.”


Then I just wait. Sometime in April 2023, a beloved sister invited me to join her to visit a ship anchored in Singapore at Vivo City. While on board Doulos Hope, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to speak to someone. Then I met a worker on board and started a conversation with her. She asked me what my passion is, and I told her I do not have any passion, but instead I told her I am a retired finance professional. Immediately, she told me OM Singapore was looking for finance help. She gave me the HR email and prayed for me. I sent my resume to OM Singapore HR and was immediately connected to OM International. In the first meeting, I saw myself as God’s mould sent to OM International, as there was an immediate matching of an offer to a need. Things happened quickly. I was dedicated as a part-time remote worker in OM International in January 2024. I know only God can fill a void in His child’s spirit. In His time and according to His will, God answers prayers. I felt privileged to be accepted by OM International to be involved in kingdom work, and I gratefully thank God for this opportunity to serve. My role at OM International sprang off from my vocation as a finance person. I see myself working indirectly to enable others to do direct work, i.e., evangelism. I want to end off by saying that so long as we have a willing heart, God can place us anywhere in His kingdom to serve.

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